Devils Still.jpg

the devil made me do it

Venue: Clyde Quay Wharf
8pm, June 14 + 15
Tickets $25 / $30
Duration 45 mins approx.


The Devil Made Me Do It is a work by Miranda Manasiadis that explores spiritual intoxication, and delves into landscapes of mania, pathos, and conviction.

The characters thirst to reach a plane higher, more beatific than their own limited states allow.  But, in doing so, enter an ominous place of dogma, fanaticism, judgment and condemnation. The dancers move in a trance-like cycle of heady inebriation, and euphoric bliss.

FEATURING: Veronica Butturini and Nancy Wijohn.

* You will find out where the venue is after you buy your ticket, via email. Your ticket also includes an inviting hot drink and biscuit