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Unequal Feast

Theatre, Music, Food
Vogelmorn Bowling Club
June 15, 7.30-10pm.
Tickets: $45 - $75.

Join us as we prepare for Maruaroa o Takurua by feasting on a bounteous medieval styled winter harvest. However, all is not equal during the solstice period – misrule and imbalance abound. You may experience 12th century peasant food; bark breads, organic stews, foraged mushrooms, and treacle cakes. Or you may find yourself in the seat of a noble, with all the trappings that entails, drinking from a great chalice.

Choose your own dining experience (and menu) as a Peasant, Farmer, Merchant (vegetarian), Vassal or Noble. Dress to your ticket and the occasion (synthetic fabrics discouraged, bringing your own goblet highly encouraged). There are limited amounts of Vassal and Noble tickets and we suggest that you don’t buy more than one of those per group.

The menu is the creation of a collective of Wellington establishments including Field & Green, the Shelly Bay Baker, Caffe L’Affare, Vogelmorn Cafe, and Dough Momma. Please contact us before ticket purchase with any dietary questions.

There will be music, there will be a morality play, you might win part of a cow or some poultry (in support of Wellington City Mission) and there will be jest. Featuring Jenny McArthur (Steward), Dylan Frewin (Innkeeper), Gin Mabey (Landlady); Robert Oliver (bass viol, rebec); Gregory Squire (medieval fiddle); Alistair Cuthill (mandolin, lute).

About the actors: Jenny McArthur (Steward). Dylan Frewin (Innkeeper) is a Tauranga based stage actor and singer who has played lead roles in multiple productions, most recently at the Court Theatre in Christchurch. Gin Mabey (Landlady) is a Tauranga based stage and television actor.

About the musicians: Gregory Squire (medieval fiddle) is a first violinist in the NZSO and principal guest conductor of the Hawkes Bay Orchestra. Robert Oliver (bass viol, rebec) is Director of Music at St Mary of the Angels, singer and renowned specialist in medieval music. Alistair Cuthill (mandolin, lute) is a multi instrumentalist who specialises in traditional folk music.

* Bring your own goblet and be rewarded.
* We encourage groups to buy different ticket types and mainly Peasant and Farmer tickets (Vassal and Noble tickets are very limited).

Lōemis feast 2017

Lōemis feast 2017


If we’re in a large group, can we sit together?
Seating is General Admission, but let us know in advance if you’re coming with a group larger than 4 and we’ll make sure we put aside a spot for you (or we’ll juggle people around on the night to make it work).

Is it primarily a feast, theatre or music event?
Food is the central component, but theatre and music are a big part of it too.

What’s the service like?
Glad you asked! The serving staff are all actors, and service will vary.